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LOVED the webinar!  There was so much information I can’t wait to go back and go through it all over and over—it was like you were talking directly to me.
Bonnie McPhail


I have viewed Karen Hardin’s podcast “Insider Secrets: How to Increase Your Sales, Ranking and Findability on Amazon” THREE TIMES. I keep learning something new each time. This is an invaluable resource for first-time authors, like myself, as well (I’m sure) for already published authors.

Sig Cohen


Social Media Secrets


Social media is THE least expensive way to promote your book, product or message. Unfortunately many people are not effective with this important tool because they don’t know the secrets and methods that will increase your success. In this webinar learn:

1. The number one mistake people make in trying to engage readers.
2. The best times to post.
3. How to write an engaging post.
4. How to keep your post alive longer.
5. When to respond.
6. How to protect yourself from trolls.
7. How to increase engagement.

Writing a Children’s Book? 6 Tips on How to Save Time and Money


Many people think a children’s book will be easy compared to a book for adults. They are shorter…but not necessarily easier—especially if you don’t know these 6 important steps.

Save yourself time, headache and heartache with these 6 important steps which will make your book work in today’s publishing world so that you don’t have to start over. 

Many authors write their book first and then come to me afterwards. Very few can I accept.

Why? Because they are missing these 6 important steps. Whether you are looking for a publisher or just an audience, it can disqualify your manuscript when it doesn’t meet these important, yet simple, parameters.


  1. Why size matters and how to determine what’s best for your manuscript.
  2. What age group your book fits best
  3. Illustrator or no illustrator? Where to find them and what the publisher expects.

…and more!

Ready to get started? Invest 45 minutes into yourself with this important webinar.

Insider Secrets: How to Increase Your Sales, Ranking and Findability on Amazon


I originally created this webinar with all my “insider secrets” I’ve learned from book launches over the past 25 years. But this information, while super effective for book launches is equally effective for re-launching a book to increase sales, ranking and making Amazon begin to market your book. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Increase your ranking on Amazon
  • Get your book listed and recommended next to other bestsellers in your genre
  • Show up in Amazon searches for books in your category
  • Increase sales as you are increasing your exposure
  • Grow your audience

I have charged clients $1000+ to oversee this information with a “Run It Up the Charts” campaign, but I am offering the insights in this webinar for a cost-effective price of $65. This is for any author or creator who markets on Amazon. But it works for ANY product. This is my BEST webinar if you want to increase sales. You can do this!

Help, I Need Publisher!


So you need a publisher, but it’s important to recognize that not all publishers are the same. Where authors get caught is not understanding the difference and not knowing what they need or what they will really receive as they sign a contract.

In this webinar learn the difference between self-publishing, co-publishing and traditional publishing, what will work best for your scenario and what phrases you need to beware of from a publisher.

From a Literary Agent’s Point of View


How do you find an agent or choose an agent? Do you even need an agent? These are important questions. Glean from my years as an agent in the publishing industry. This webinar also explores the following areas:

  • What is your identity as a writer?
  • What are four things that turn off literary agents?
  • What is the first thing most agents and publishers look for in a proposal?
  • What will make an agent or a publisher stop reading a proposal?

You will also receive a free professional proposal template that you can personalize for your book which is what you will need to submit to an agent or publisher.

I found Karen’s webinar extremely useful! I’d done a lot of research in preparation for my upcoming book launch, but I learned more in an hour of Karen’s webinar than I had in dozens of hours of reading from other experts. I took eight pages of notes and finished the webinar with a clear vision of how to proceed with a successful book launch. Thank you, Karen for sharing your secrets with us!
Heather Creekmore


Take Your Writing to the Next Level - Part I


I’ve heard it said that writers are a dime a dozen. So, how can you make your writing stand out? This webinar shares important tips that will advance your writing level quickly. These tips work for articles, reports, and even short stories as well as full-length manuscripts.

As an agent that reads hundreds of manuscripts each year, I can read just one paragraph and recognize the level of the writer. Sometimes that’s enough to make me stop right there. If the writer utilizes even some of these tips I will stay with the manuscript longer to gauge their writing skill. These insights make the difference between mediocre writing and impact writing. They make a big difference with the end result.

So, feeling stuck at your present level? Want to boost your writing to the next level? This webinar will help you do it.



Take Your Writing to the Next Level - Part II


While Part 1 of this training dealt with how to take your writing to the next level, this training discusses what steps you need to take to get your book published. Some of the things I discuss include:

  • The pros and cons of CreateSpace.
  • The 4 different levels of edits and how not to get taken and what you book may need.
  • What makes a good cover that sells and what to avoid.
  • What you need to do for a barcode and what you need to avoid.
  • What type fonts and instruction you need for a professional looking pagination.
  • What to do about your ISBN and copyright.
  • And more…


The Easiest Way to Get Published and Build your Platform at the Same Time!


One of the things almost every author needs to do is to build their platform. This webinar will give you specific instruction on how to get published AND build your platform at the same time!

This important instructional training will give you step-by-step on how to get articles formatted and submitted for publication so that it grows your database and audience.

In this webinar you will learn what editors expect and how to get your work published on a regular basis.


I’m so encouraged by this webinar. Karen used powerpoint slides and spoke in such a way that it was easy to take notes. Her information was informative, specific and very helpful to a newbie book launcher.
Bev Murrill


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