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Vikki Burke

Some Days You Dance

Paul Chase

Thru His Eyes: What Can Happen When You See What God Sees 

Soraya Coffelt

It’s Not About You, Mr. Santa Claus

Soraya Coffelt

It’s Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin

Soraya Coffelt

It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey

Soraya Coffelt

It’s Not About You, Mr. Easter Bunny

Lisa Cherry

Unmask the Predators

Lisa & Lucas Cherry

Not Open – Winning the Invisible Spiritual Culture War

Lisa Cherry

Like a Flood

Max Davis

The Insanity of Unbelief

Rick Domeier & Max Davis

Can I Get a Do Over?

Ron DiCianni and Lance Wubbels

In the Wilderness

Richard Exley

Authentic Living: 365 Devotions for Deliberate Faith

Jeff Goforth

Change Your Mind

Karen Hardin

Seasons of Love

Dennis Jernigan

Sing Over Me

Jennifer Kostyal and Karen Hardin

Finally Free

Jennifer Kostyal and Karen Hardin

Finally Free – Bible Study

Michael Letney & Karen Hardin

Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage

Faisal Malick

The Destiny of Islam in the End Times

Dr. Edwin Miranda, Jr.

Living Secure

Shane Philpott

Kathryn Kuhlman – The Radio Chapel Years

Rick Renner

Sparkling Gems from the Greek

Rick Renner

Dressed to Kill

Rick Renner

A Light in Darkness

Rick Renner

No Room for Compromise – A Light in Darkness, Vol. 2

Denise Renner

Who Stole Cinderella?

Sara Stophel

Trumped by Sovereignty

Larry Tolbert

Uncommon Life

Larry Tolbert

How to Begin Uncommon Life

Lisa Trumbore

Let’s Go in the Snow

Catherine Zoller

Rhyme & Reason – Acts

Catherine Zoller

The Rhyme & Reason Series

Catherine Zoller

Rhyme & Reason – Esther

Catherine Zoller

Rhyme & Reason – Revelation

Catherine Zoller

Rhyme & Reason – Acts

Catherine Zoller

Rhyme & Reason – Exodus

Catherine Zoller

Rhyme & Reason – Daniel

Catherine Zoller

Rhyme & Reason – Wall Wraps

What Others Are Saying…

When it comes to marketing, publicity, and representing her clients, Karen Hardin is a tiger. She’s not afraid to get in the ring and fight for you. All I know is that she got results for me that the big name publishers couldn’t get. Karen is definitely someone I want on my team! Max Davis


Karen is part of a select few who enhance the projects and mission of the people she works with. She is on a very short list of people I can say that about, and honestly mean it. Ron DiCianni

Best-Selling Artist & Author

Karen Hardin is an awesome writer and has many wonderful articles online, she is one of the people I glean much wisdom and insight from, I know you will enjoy her writings. Kim Potter

President, A New Thing Ministries

Karen helped turn our dream into reality. She professionally navigated our publishing projects from draft to completion with the ease that could only come with years of seasoned experience. I highly recommend Karen’s services to all those who are serious about quality book projects. Lisa Cherry

National Speaker & Author